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Champaign Makes Me Happy

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How to be Sexy and Cool

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Is Your Home Toxic?

Studies show that it could be...

  • Asthma is a serious health condition claiming more than 5,000 lives each year.

  • More than 75 percent of people with asthma have allergies; 90 percent of children under 16 with asthma have allergies.

  • More than 50 percent of all allergic diseases are caused by indoor allergens.

  • 20.3 million Americans reported having asthma in 2001.
  • 6.3 million of those were under the age of 18.

  • In 2000, there were 10.4 million asthma-related outpatient visits to private physician offices and hospital clinics (4.6 million of those were under the age of 18).

"Evidence suggests that poor indoor air quality may be a more likely trigger of childhood asthma than outdoor pollution," said Dr. Ian Greaves, environmental medical specialist and consultant to the American Lung Association Health House program.

The unsafe use of many common household products can cause many undesirable health effects. Click Here to read the full article

Toxic Brew

A 20 minute segment from a consumer awareness television program called Marketplace. First aired in March 2003 on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation network. Although it originated in Canada, it is a reality for most major cities worldwide including the US. Click on the image for 2 min priview in Windows Media Player or Quicktime formats. A smaller window will appear with your connection speed choices.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chronic Degenerative Health Problems

Its Wednesday December 21st just a few days away from the weekend holidays. Its been a bit hectic as you can tell by the spacing of these post. I am determined to do this however and it seem like the more determined I become the more obstacles pop up. Anyway for a while now I have been living a compromise. Its time to move on in more ways than one. So lets get down to the subject matter, enough about me. So we talked about the depleted food source, which results in depleted food, which results in a form of mal-nutrition, which in turn results in what we can appropriately call "Chronic Degenerative Health Problems".
Examples of these are:
  • Arthritis
  • diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Weight Management

The Medical & Drug Industry prefers to call these "Deseases". It suites their purpose which, as you already know is to find cures which take the form of prescription drugs. You see if it is not a desease then why would you need a cure? The ironic thing about all this is that prescription drugs, like hazardous chemicals have critical negative side effects one of which is that they combine with what little nutrients remain in our ingested food, in the digestive track forming compounds that are not bio-available hence speeding up the degenerative process. In other words "Mi belly Full but ah hungry". So the physical urge for food is satisfied but the body still does not get what it needs so a very powerfull force kicks in called "cravings". Have you ever felt yearning for something to eat but can't figure out what? Have you been through the refrigerator late at night looking for that elusive something that never seems to be there? You try this, thats not it! you try that, thats not it! This goes on and on until finally you are stuffed and disgusted and you still haven't found what you are looking for. I have been there and I have done that too many times and seen and felt the results. My mom use to tell me I was a pig, plain greedy and for a while I believed that. Sucker! That I was for a while until the light started to come on in my dark room. Now I know better and if you get nothing else from these post but this one truth you will be well on your way towards better health. knowledge is power. Cravings is the bodies way of driving you to give it want it needs and the more depleted food you give it the stronger the craving (driving force). So we have what we call:

"The Battle of The bulge", obesity, weight management problems along with its many complications. This is a big one affecting adults and children alike. Childhood obesity has become a household term. So whats the solution? Supplementation! Thats a big word and believe me its easier said than done.
You have choices:
1) You can for whatever reason you choose to do nothing about this situation and hope that you don't travel down that road and when you do you will fall into the waiting arms of the medical & drug industry and be administered prescription drugs whether you like it or not. Needless to say you will have to deal with the negative side effects. This is a very vicious circle. For some a unavoidable compromise as a result not taking the necessary action in time.

2) You can try going the cheape way and purchase supplements from the grocery store or other outlets that requires shelf life. The compromise here is bio-availability for shelf life. So these companies choose to treat these supplements to give them shelf life which in effect creates what nurses popularly know as "Bed Pan Bullets". These are whole vitamins that goes right through the digestive track and pops out intact. Not to mention the fact that most of these brand name supplements have very little if any of the necessary nutrients anyway. Why waste anyway when you already know nothing will be absorbed.
3) Your third choice requires some duedilligence on your part. There are a few companies out there that have built their reputation around providing real value in the market place. They base their future sales on satisfied customers who have achieved actual quantifyable results. Your job is to search these companies out and put them to the test repeatedly! And having done so your obligation is to spread the word. Believe me this is a wonderful cause that carries great rewards. Some of which you may already be desperately seeking without much success. You may choose to begin your duedilligence by

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Got to run more on this in my next post which will be sooner!!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Navigating The Minefields

Over the years I have followed my passion and become literally pregnant with practical information regarding the subject of living a healthy painfree life in the midst of all the challenges in this day and age. I believe this passion was inherited from my dad Edward Williams Sr who was indeed somewhat of a health fanatic himself. I feel very fortunate at the age of 50 years to be enjoying great health!Ignorance is not bliss! It is expensive! keeping this information to my self would not only be selfish but a downright lack of appreciation for the benifits I enjoy. I am extremely grateful to Google for facillitating this push button publishing. I can share this information with ease and convenience.
The deck is really stacked high against us in our effort to live healthy pain free lives. Its almost like navigating a minefield today, we never know when we are going to step on a mine and be blown to smitherenes. If you are reading this and thinking to yourself what the heck is he talking about, then you have work to do. Information is power, its the first step towards the solution to the problem. the next step would be to take the necessary action to take back our stolen future. So lets begin by understanding whats happening to us and why.
We all have something really wonderful we have taken for granted and for the most part fail to appreciate. Its called our 'body' and frequently we have subjected this miracle to all manners of abuse. Imagine I were to give you a dull blade, no food, no water and forced you to cut the grass by hand on a neglected football field. You would no doubt think I have lost my mind yet this is exactly the kind of austerity we subject our bodies to day in day out. allow me to explain. Our body has a miraculous ability to heal itself and fend attacks from bacterior, viruses and free radicals, providing we give it what it needs, the where with all to do so. In a nutshell this is called proper nutrition. This has become a major challenge today even for those who are willing to put forth the effort. The problem is the source of our food has been depleted thus compromising the nutritional content of the food. In addition the food is processed for storage and shelf life and further processed for consumption (microwaved). Hence by the time this food reaches our digestive system much of the nutritional content our body needs is has been destroyed. As if thats not bad enough today we live in a society infested with hazardous materials and toxic chemicals that have become our bedfellows as a result of corporate greed. So no wonder we have all these health challenges today. our detox systems are overloaded and our bodies are struggling desperately in deprivation unable to get what it needs to fight and constantly driving us to eat more. No wonder we have a serious problem managing weight today. Today weightloss has become a trillion dollar industry.

  • Recent medical
    discoveries reveal a method you can use to  lose almost a pound
    of body fat per day  without drugs, without hunger, and
    energy like a kid in a playground. By Mark Joyner Best Selling Author

    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Physical Wellness And Preventitive Healthcare

    Physical wellness and desease prevention is no longer something that can be farmed off to the our so called "Health care system"or the family doctor. The very term "health care" in the context of present day HMO systems seems to have become an oxymoron a more appropriate term seems to be "Sickness Care". There seems to exist an ongoing conspiracy to make people sick and of course there is always the waiting arms of our so called "health care system" with The Medical & Drug industry ready to perform expensive procedures, administer prescription drugs and insurance companies with their indentured servants system ready to enslave us all with structured payments. A good reformed doctor friend of mine put it this way, HMO today means "Health Maintenance Obligation" that we each owe to ourselves. So what are our choices?
    • We can do nothing, indulge in momentary pleasures and progressively deny our bodies necessary nutrients to prevent the chronic degenerative conditions that are so common today. And when we get sick fall into the welcoming arms of our so called health care system of hospitals doctors and pharmaceutical companies and be administered prescription drugs whether we like it or not. Play now and pay later.
    • Or we can empower ourselves with the knowledge, take the reins and make the necessary lifestyle changes and joint ventures we need to ensure a long healthy, painfree, productive life in the midst of a chemically infested society plagued by degenerative health problems. Pay now and play later.

    The choice is ours and I have come to realize proactively that this is a lot simplier and easier than it sounds. Like everything else its all about understanding the basics and with that foundation applying an important concept called leverage. There are a few companies out there with much more money than we can ever dream of having, that are spending mega bucks on research in the physical wellness and desease prevention arena. These companies make this research available to us as a means of validating their products. The savvy companies choose to manufacture and market products that puts them in front of Megatrends one of which is today, undoubtedly, preventitive health care, The Wellness Industry. Taking advantage of this is leverage. So its up to each of us to do our due dilligence. The rewards, vibrant productive painfree living,vigorous health, clear minds etc etc etc

    You may choose to begin your duedilligence by

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